Nerium International Review

Nerium International Review – Can It Really Make You Rich?

You are here because you couldn’t find an honest Nerium International Review. That’s ok, I tried to find an honest review about Nerium International myself but couldn’t find any that would just give a review and not try to make me sign up! That’s why I decided to write an honest unbiased review to bring reality to whoever stumbles here looking for some truth! So, let’s begin!

Nerium International Review

Nerium International Review – Background:

Led by Jeff Olson, Nerium International is an MLM company that sells their beauty products using independent distributors called “Brand Partners”. I know what you’re thinking, how many more beauty products do we need? But beauty is a billionaire dollar business so it only makes sense to pursue it. Plus, some products do actually work! And who doesn’t want to be pretty, right?

Nerium International Review – Product:

Nerium International’s beauty product is called the “NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment” which is actually a glorified night or day cream that has been developed from their company’s patent-pending Nerium oleander extract.  This plant is of great importance because Nerium AD’s third-party clinical trials resulted in some cases that depicted reduced fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and overall improvement in the appearance of damaged skin, sounds like a real fountain of youth doesn’t it?

Nerium International Review – Business Opportunity:

As discussed earlier, like most MLMs, Nerium products are exclusively sold and distributed through independent consultants known as “Brand Partners”. Nerium Representatives are allowed to choose the methods to sell the Nerium products they like, they can make their own methods too. You don’t have to do  home parties to sell the products, you can sell them face to face, online, or even through events, all up to you!

Cost To Become A Brand Partner:

Nerium International provides three types of start up kits for their brand partners, all of them starter kits include marketing material and tools to help you launch your new business without facing any difficulty.

They have 3 starter kits options, depending on your needs:

  • Success Pack for $499.95: It includes 5 bottles of Nerium AD
  • Premier Success Pack for $999.95: It includes 12 bottles of Nerium AD
  • Brand Partner Launch Kit for $99.95: It includes various marketing materials but no product. Hmm, interesting!

Nerium International Review – Compensation Plan:

Brand partners of Nerium International can make money from selling the product, recruiting other people and performance bonuses. You can earn 10%-25% of the total cost by selling the Nerium beauty products.  Other than that, you can receive a weekly customer acquisition bonus as well for each new auto-delivery order that you receive. You can also receive bonuses of $16 for one bottle up to $60 for two bottles, depending on your current leadership level.

Getting confusing? Let’s see how Nerium International explains their compensation plan!

Nerium International Review – Final Words:

It is an honest way to earn money if you know how to do marketing and have some money to put in to startup your business. It’s not a fraud, you should just know how to make your place in market and recruit people to enhance your network. The larger your network, the more you earn!

There, you have it! Let us know what you think. Till the next review, take care!

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