Lyoness Review – Cash Back Or Business Plan?

Looking for a completely honest Lyoness Review? Can’t find it because people just want to recruit you to grow their business and are giving biased reviews? Look no more! I am going to give you a completely honest review since I am not an affiliate and am definitely NOT looking for a recruit! So, let’s begin!

Lyoness Review – Background:

Hubert Fried launched Lyoness in 2003 and the company spread like wild fire throughout the Europe.  In 2012, the company was introduced into the USA market where it is growing at a very fast rate…In fact, the company grew 43% in over a period of just a few months which is great!

Lyoness - Review

Lyoness doesn’t actually have any physical products. The company focuses on marketing the memberships. Lyoness is a cash-back company where you can get a certain percentage back from purchases you make online.

Lyoness Review – Products:

Lyoness is a cash-back company as mentioned above. It works similar to another cash-back company called Dubli that offers similar kind of working!

Taking about cash back, You can get back anywhere between 1-2% from your purchases online.  The minimum cash-back balance is $15 before you can withdrawal the funds.

There business opportunity side can be complicated but you got to pay attention to the explanation and you will understand. Let’s see what it’s all about!

Lyoness Review – Business Opportunity:

You get a commission when you sponsor people into your business. Instead of me writing it all down, why not check out Lyoness Compensation Plan video:

Lyoness Review – Final Words:

Unlike Dubli, Lyoness pays back its consumers in time and I have seen no complaints about people not being paid by Lyoness, which is a good thing! There Business opportunity / Compensation Plan is complicated too but that’s why we have put a video in here for you to better understand. It works though! So we wish you best of luck!

What do you think? Let us know about your experiences! Till the next review, TC!

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