Dubli Review

Dubli Review – Cash Back Or Business Opportunity – What’s Better?

You must have searched the whole internet to find an honest, unbiased review about Dubli, but did you? No? I thought so! Internet is so full of people trying to bag you in order to enhance their business and earn more, that they never give an honest, unbiased reviews to help you make your mind up!

Here, you will find a completely honest and unbiased review since I am no affiliate! Let’s begin!

Dubli Review – Background:

Founded by Michael Hansen; A billionaire, in 2003, Dubli was mainly focused in Europe only. It was later in 2008 that it started in the United States.

In the North America, Dubli only focused on reverse auctions. What happened was that people bought Dubli credits and used them to bid. That’s how a reverse auction works!

The Dubli Network completely changed their focus in 2014, got out of the reverse auction business and focused completely on cashback deals.

Dubli Review – Products:

As mentioned above, Dubli is a cash back program. People sign up for a free account and start buying stuff online from retailers, airlines and or even utilities. No matter what it is, consumers can get some serious discounts on any of these items:

  • Auto
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Computers
  • Entertainment
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Flowers & Gifts
  • Furniture
  • Grocery & Gourmet
  • Health and Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Online Services
  • Jewelry & Fragrances
  • Office Supplies and much more!

Once you become customer of Dubli, you can download a toolbar for free that will allow you to search online for whatever stuff you are wanting to buy.

The toolbar lets you know how much cashback you can get if you decide to buy on that particular website.

For example, you can get cashback deals on retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Apple, Sony and many more.

You can join Dubli in three different membership levels that will reflect the amount of cashback you can get!

Dubli Review

Dubli Review – Membership:

FREE Membership:  Shopping and Entertainment, Travel cashback.

Premium Membership $4.95/monthly:  You get everything in the FREE membership plus more cash-back.

VIP membership $99/yearly: Exclusive membership with all the benefits plus higher cash back percentage and there is no limit on what you can have cashback on.

Dubli Review – Compensation Plan:

A video can explain better than words, right? So let’s see what their compensation plan is all about.

Dubli Review – Final Words:

Dubli Cash Back program seems to be a bit faulty since there are tons of complains from people not being paid their money they earn in cash backs. I don’t know if they have solved the problem so far but I would refrain from cash backs till said otherwise. The business opportunity, even though complicated, works! Watch the video to understand it completely and it will definitely help you earn more cash in time!

So there, you have an honest review. What do you think? Share your experiences with us! until the next review, TC!

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